Nebulizer Treatment Technology

AMI Print and Media Nebulizer today fill in as a niche product in the Delivery of high doses of drug in the respiratory tract with major applications in the treatment of asthma, obstructive pulmonary disease, etc. AMI has effectively utilized Nebulizer as it requires minimal coordination and effort in comparison with Pressurized metered dose (PMDI) or dry powder inhalers (DPI). IMT is a wholly-owned subsidiary of AVMD

IMT has been granted an exclusive global right to sell, manufacture and distribute specific ultrasonic nebulizer Technology by Sheiman Ultrasonics Research Foundation (SURF) in the field of Sexual Dysfunction. This right is now on a royalty free basis. The Nebulizer Technology supported by AMI’s innovative product research can bring amazing long sex life cycles in Australian Families. AMI has always banked on evolutionary innovations to provide niche products in order to strengthen their position in helping Mens & women’s Health issues.

Comparison to Omron Device
Model NE-U22 IMT Nebulizer
Power Source 3 volt DC (2 AA batteries); 2.4 volt DC (2 AA nickel-hydrogen batteries), optional AC adaptor 3 volt DC (2 AA alkaline batteries); no external supply
Power Consumption Approx 1.5 W Approx 9W
Ultrasonic Frequency Approx 180kHz Approx 2MHz
Nebulizer Flow Rate 0.25mL per min or more About 1mL per min
Particle Size Mass median aerodynamic diameter (MMAD) approx 5um Mean particle size 4.2um
Capacity of Bottle 7mL 5mL
External Dimensions Approx 38x104x51 mm Approx 37x120x72 mm
Weight Approx 97g (not inc batteries) Approx 140g
Battery Life Approx 4hrs of continuous use 150 actuations of 3 sec each
Operating Temp/Humidity 10-40°C, 30 to 85% RH 10-40°C, 30 to 85% RH
Accessories Inhalation mask, mouthpiece, mask adaptor N/A