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How to Tell If Your Sex Life is Healthy

Discussions regarding sex often focus on the negative. A lot of people find it difficult to talk about bedroom matters openly, so when they finally do, it’s usually because they have a problem. That’s not the only way to tackle sensual challenges though. After all, if you know what healthy sex looks like, then you can better identify problems and last longer in bed.

Pop culture offers templates of what a sexually attractive man or woman looks like. Subconsciously, this makes us unhappy with our bodies. We feel that unless we look like the people on TV and magazines, then …

What is Low Sexual Desire

When the average person thinks about sexual problems, their mind jumps to early ejaculation treatment. While early ejaculation is one of the most common sexual challenges, it’s not the only one. Sometimes, the problem is not wanting to have sex as frequently as ‘normal’. In this case, ‘normal’ might be your own established levels of intercourse freq.

But ‘normal’ can also be misconstrued. You may have spoken to your friends, read magazine articles, or eavesdropped on exaggerated conversations, concluding that your sex drive is below par. Normal is relative, and the best person to tell you what normal or more …

Quantity VS Quality Sex

Quantity VS Quality Sex

Stereotypically, men are thought to be more competitive than women. Based on this assumption, a man is more likely to evaluate his sex life based on how often he has intercourse with his partner. On the other hand, his partner may base her satisfaction levels on how connected she feels to him, or how often she achieves orgasm.

The disparity becomes evident when a man is happy with his sex life because he enjoys intercourse three or more times a week. But when his partner is asked about their sex …

The Natural Effects of Age on Libido

The natural effects of age on libido

There is a popular misconception that older people don’t have sex as much as younger people. The assumption is that sex drive reduces with age. As it turns out, the desire for sex doesn’t necessarily diminish. More often, it’s the ability to have sex that becomes compromised. This ability is affected by many factors, both biological and medical.

It is believed that once women go into menopause, they lose interest in sex. Menopause can be a frustrating because hormonal changes cause hot flashes, cramps, weight gain, nausea, …

Sexual Dysfunction Differs Between Men and Women

Sexual Dysfunction Differs Between Men and Women

Women and men are not that different. Anything a man can do a woman can do. Women and men deserve equal pay. However, as much as we can take about equality, there are some underlying physical characteristics that separate the XX from the XY chromosomes.

And there are some underlying differences when it comes to both sex and sexual dysfunction. For example, women are capable of multiple orgasms, whereas this is largely unheard of in men.

The primary two sexual dysfunctions that occur in men are …

Talking About Your Sexual Issues can Bring You And Your Partner Closer

Why and when do we discuss bedroom matters? For many of us, we discuss sex with our peers in conversations that are light and playful, but we are sharing information. And more than that, they’re a form of bonding.

If learning how to please a boyfriend or husband, or discovering a woman’s pleasure spots can bring you closer to your peers, imagine how much more intimacy it can foster between you and your partner. Unfortunately, many sexual partners will talk about sex with everyone except each other. And yet that partner is the one most involved and affected by your sexual …

Why Sex Shouldn’t Be A Taboo Topic

Sex is the primary component of human reproduction. And unlike other organisms, humans are capable of having sex purely for pleasure. The average animal’s sex drive is driven by biology, which is why they only mate when they’re on heat. Human beings, on the other hand, can be physically primed for sex by something as simple as a glance.

Since sex is the most common way to maintain the human population, why is it so difficult to talk about? The main argument is that sex is a private matter, just like bathroom activities, and those aren’t publicly discussed either.

Sex is probably …

False Perceptions Around Premature Ejaculation

Premature Ejaculation (PE) is a sensitive topic, both in the literal and metaphorical sense. Literally, PE can be caused by an over-sensitive penis. Men who experience this are easily stimulated, so they frequently ejaculate before their partner is sated, which can be frustrating for everyone involved.

Metaphorically, Premature Ejaculation often influences a man’s sense of masculinity. This makes it a difficult issue to talk about, which makes it harder to resolve. The fact that most men are unable to talk openly about Premature Ejaculation means they routinely get information from dubious sources.

The most common misconception about PE is that it’s …

Factors That Affect Our Perceptions of Sexual Performance

Many people think sex is restricted to their genital response, but that’s not the case at all. In fact, a human being’s most sexual body part is their mind. When it comes to sex, barring medical factors, it really is all in your head. It follows that our perspectives on sex are largely driven by thoughts, memories, and mental misconceptions.

One of the biggest issues surrounding sex is size, and this is an inaccurate measure because size is objective. Most men think they would last longer in bed if their penises were longer when in reality, girth has a bigger …

Signs Your Sex Life Could be Improved

Sexual health is a sensitive issue, and it can be difficult to discuss, both with your partner and your health provider. You might be worried about losing the admiration of your spouse, or you might feel embarrassed about what you perceive as a sexual ‘abnormality’.

While it can be challenging to seek the kind of advice that can either reassure you or solve your sexual problem, you can always start by diagnosing yourself. This is unwise for serious complications, but it does give you a place to start.

Sexual dysfunction presents differently in women and men. Men are often concerned with …

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