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What is Erectile Tissue?

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment
Young children have interesting names for the penis, including ‘tail’ and ‘tap’. This is before they learn more ‘appropriate’ names from adults. However, calling sexual organs by the wrong names is one of the reasons that even as adults, we develop unhealthy sexual attitudes, so it helps to teach our kids – from as young an age as possible – to call a penis a penis (and a vagina a vagina.)
But exactly what is a penis? Is it flesh? Is it bone? Can it break? …

Common misconceptions about sex

Lasting Sex
In public, talking about sex is still considered taboo, but in private, it’s easily the most widely discussed topic in the world. Unfortunately, we rarely talk about sex with the person we’re sleeping with, and that’s the one person we should be definitely be discussing it with. And since sexual conversations often happen in misplaced contexts and inappropriate settings like locker rooms, porn sites, and TV shows, misconceptions continue to thrive.
There are some places where you can get accurate sexual information though. A good doctor can set you …

Which comes first? Desire or Sex?

early ejaculation solution
Two of the most common questions men have are how to last longer in bed and how to make their partners want more sex. The assumption has always been that women have a lower libido than men, so they just generally want sex less often. Anecdotes suggest that men feel a need for sex every 72 hours, while women only feel a strong urge twice a month – when they’re ovulating and just before their periods.
On both these occasions, the sex drive is mostly …

Decoding Sexual Satisfaction

premature ejaculation
How do you know whether someone is sexually satisfied? Well, if you’re a researcher, you simply ask them. If you’re a partner, you observe them during sex to see whether they’ve had an orgasm. This isn’t an accurate measure, because sometimes your partner will fake it, and other times you’ll be so involved in the sex itself that you genuinely won’t notice.
This makes it sound like the first method – asking – is the most effective method. But according, Kristen Mark, Ph.D., M.P.H., it’s not necessarily an accurate …

Nutrients that may assist erectile dysfunction

oral strip technology
You are what you eat, and while organic aphrodisiacs don’t necessarily help you last longer in bed, nutrition does play a role in your performance.  Often, erectile dysfunction is all in your head, but those mental pre-occupations certainly have the power to affect your libido. At the physical level, erection challenges occur when there’s interference in blood flow to your penis. For this reason, anything that improves circulation could help.
Similarly, foods that can help you relax and improve your mood are useful, because …

Frequently asked questions about sexual health

early ejaculation solution
Every man has questions on how he can last longer in bed. Unfortunately, he probably stopped asking these questions as a teenager, and even then, the answers he received were from boys who were as brash and inexperienced as he was. They all wanted to seem like a ‘man about town’ while they all shared the same hidden insecurities.
The nature of ‘locker room talk’ among the boys meant the answers they got were often inaccurate and did more harm than good to their relationships …

New studies on the prefrontal cortex have relationship implications

last longer in bed
According to one religious doctrine, a sin of the eyes is as a sin of the flesh, and looking at someone lustfully is as big a sin as ‘lying with them’. This seems like a gross exaggeration, especially in modern times, but science backs up this assertion. Studying the brain has proven what we’ve instinctively known for a long time – that a mental fantasy (or even a dream) can create the same physiological and sexual response as an actual sexual encounter and 

Why do we have sex?

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A lot of us think sex is a biological urge driven by the evolutionary reflex to help the species survive. In simpler terms, our bodies demand sex so that we can have babies and keep the human race alive, and we have no say in the matter. In reality, though, sex seems like the exact opposite. Our obsession with learning how to last longer in bed has nothing to do with making babies (that only takes a few seconds, biologically speaking).
Also, most of …

What to Expect Fom Relationship Counselling

Erectile Dysfunction
In many parts of the world, people are uneasy about seeking any form of counselling. It’s wrongly felt that seeing a therapist means you’re crazy, while others find it inappropriate to discuss ‘private matters’ in public. This seems even acuter when it comes to relationship problems, especially bedroom-related ones.
However, research has shown that premature ejaculation solutions are often psychological. As much as the problem is sometimes medical or biological, it’s often a social or personal issue arising from stress at work, or challenges in other areas …

What Do Women Know About Erectile Dysfunction?

erectile dysfunction

A lot of women know how often they orgasm and may also know how to control the length and intensity of their orgasms, even if their partners don’t. However, women may have few ideas about how to last longer in bed as a couple. They may be aware for example, that they’d like their partner’s stamina to increase, but they don’t know how to help.

Many times, they’re not even sure how to broach the subject without upsetting their partners

The first thing a woman can do is find out as much as …

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