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Winter warmers – re-inject some passion this winter

premature ejaculation
You might have heard people mention ‘baby-making weather’. It makes sense. It’s an evolutionary response, and it’s likely that a large percentage of people call their exes over winter. It’s a combination of low body heat and miserable weather that leaves us seeking (physical) comfort.
In some ways, this can be an excellent opportunity to get past your issues with premature ejaculation. You may feel it’s a lot of pressure to perform, and this could aggravate your problem, so it could be helpful to have …

Great Expectations: How Unrealistic Optimism Hurts Romance

early ejaculation solution
While optimism is a great quality to have in life, sometimes there’s such thing as too much optimism – or unrealistic optimism. This can be particularly apparent in romantic relationships! Have you ever been in a relationship where one person was full of unbridled optimism (“everything is always going to be fan-freaking-tastic!”) and the other person was, well, not a pessimist, but someone who based things on logic (well, chances are this won’t work out, or we’ll be fighting soon”)?
While you might think that …

The Link Between Seafood and Sex

last longer in bed
A recent study from Harvard T.H Chan School of Public Health has revealed a link between eating seafood and having a healthy sex life. Eating seafood has also been linked to increasing the chance of conceiving a child.
The study followed 501 couples who were trying to conceive. The couples were asked to log in a journal the amount of seafood they consumed each week and how often they were having sexual intercourse. The researchers studied the couples for an entire year or until they became …

The more anxious he is, the worse his performance becomes

premature ejaculation
You might be familiar with the term ‘sapiosexual’. It refers to people who are sexually aroused by intelligence. Ordinarily, the size of a man’s brain doesn’t help him last longer in bed, though it can help him attract the type of partner that values intellect. That said, the brain is still the largest sexual organ in any man or woman’s body.
Your brain subconsciously determines what attracts you, and sexual attraction causes a response in your erogenous zones. While it’s true that physical stimulation can make your …

Physical activity does improve erectile function

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment
The ordinary person defines erectile dysfunction as an inability to achieve or maintain an erection long enough to complete sexual intercourse. Of course, ‘completion’ is relative, so it’s sometimes diagnosed based on the satisfaction levels of both him and his partner. If they’re both left hanging after ejaculation, then he is likely to be labelled as dysfunctional.
Erections happen when adequate blood flows into the penis to make it hard and stiff and stays there long enough to please both himself and his partner. This means any …

Common misconceptions about lasting longer in bed

longer lasting sex
Many men (and women) have the same assumption. We recognise that women take longer to reach orgasm than men do, so we assume that if a man can figure out how to last longer in bed, then he’ll be a better lover and his partner will be happier. However, while stamina does matter, it’s not the only aspect of sexual satisfaction. A lot more goes into it. Still, many early ejaculation solutions revolve around expanding the duration of your erection. Let’s look at some myths concerning the subject, …

What is Erectile Tissue?

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment
Young children have interesting names for the penis, including ‘tail’ and ‘tap’. This is before they learn more ‘appropriate’ names from adults. However, calling sexual organs by the wrong names is one of the reasons that even as adults, we develop unhealthy sexual attitudes, so it helps to teach our kids – from as young an age as possible – to call a penis a penis (and a vagina a vagina.)
But exactly what is a penis? Is it flesh? Is it bone? Can it break? …

Common misconceptions about sex

Lasting Sex
In public, talking about sex is still considered taboo, but in private, it’s easily the most widely discussed topic in the world. Unfortunately, we rarely talk about sex with the person we’re sleeping with, and that’s the one person we should be definitely be discussing it with. And since sexual conversations often happen in misplaced contexts and inappropriate settings like locker rooms, porn sites, and TV shows, misconceptions continue to thrive.
There are some places where you can get accurate sexual information though. A good doctor can set you …

Which comes first? Desire or Sex?

early ejaculation solution
Two of the most common questions men have are how to last longer in bed and how to make their partners want more sex. The assumption has always been that women have a lower libido than men, so they just generally want sex less often. Anecdotes suggest that men feel a need for sex every 72 hours, while women only feel a strong urge twice a month – when they’re ovulating and just before their periods.
On both these occasions, the sex drive is mostly …

Decoding Sexual Satisfaction

premature ejaculation
How do you know whether someone is sexually satisfied? Well, if you’re a researcher, you simply ask them. If you’re a partner, you observe them during sex to see whether they’ve had an orgasm. This isn’t an accurate measure, because sometimes your partner will fake it, and other times you’ll be so involved in the sex itself that you genuinely won’t notice.
This makes it sound like the first method – asking – is the most effective method. But according, Kristen Mark, Ph.D., M.P.H., it’s not necessarily an accurate …

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