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What is Chronic prostatitis?

Jan 15 2014 Chronic prostatitis is very common, and the incidence increases with age.

Low Libido and Many More…

Jan 15 2013 Low Sex Drive – Erectile issues are in general triggered by atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries). To get and manage a firm erection, the penis need to dilate properly to sustain the strong flow of fluid. High level of cholesterol, Diabetes and high blood pressure are the general culprits in triggering atherosclerosis and erectile dysfunction.

Testosterone Decline – Causes

Jan 15 2013 Simply put, Testosterone is a hormone that powers a man’s sex drive. Testosterone job is to trigger the molecule nitric oxide to activate an erection. Low T, means this process is hampered.

Low Testosterone

Jan 15 2013 Testosterone powers a man’s sex drive. A low on “T,” means he isn’t very interested or have low interest in having sex.

What is the difference between male ejaculation and male orgasm?

Jan 15 2013 Yes there are difference between a male ejaculation and a male orgasm? In simple words, An ejaculation is when sperm is released of human body. Yes, often an ejaculation goes hand-in-hand with an orgasm. However, some men are able to achieve orgasm without ejaculating or vice versa …