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Sexual Performance Anxiety

Advanced Medical Institute takes pride in bringing forth the new approach in treating Erectile Dysfunction and Premature Ejaculation which are extremely patient friendly. The dosage comes in the form of newly developed Oral strip technology which is the world’s first of its kind.


Oral Strip Technology for treatment of Erectile Dysfunction is a friendly innovative dosage is able to be taken with ease in application and discreetness along with an improved onset of action and enhanced safety in application called the Sexual Medicine- Rapid Oral Strip Technology (ROST). The dosage is safe, quick to dissolve than any other conventional form of dosage, bypassing stomach and liver. Call Now & make your booking to talk to our doctors at AMI for the new advanced and patient friendly Oral strip prescription for sexual dysfunctions.

Premature or Early Ejaculation is a common problem in men of all age groups. It refers to the inability of men to control the timing of his ejaculation-which often results in earlier than expected ejaculation and frustration in sexual life. It is obviously frustrating for a man and his partner if the sexual process gets involuntarily terminated due to early ejaculation. It can often lead to disinterest in sex. Continued early ejaculation of such kind can lead to partner’s inability to achieve orgasm and subsequent dissatisfaction in the sexual activity, thus making them unhappy. Often men are unaware of the issue and even if they are, they shy away from talking about this openly with their partners.

We at AMI understand the need for proper sexual pleasure to maintain good relationship with partners. It is important that men have control over the timing of their ejaculation. Anxiety about ejaculation or impotence in itself can also be an underlying cause of premature ejaculation! The inability to talk about premature ejaculation is a common dilemma in men. So call the Doctors at AMI with a complete medical history and allied medical conditions and investigations. We appreciate that these are important in treating the disorder. Doctors at AMI very well understand the need for a healthy sexual life and the fact that any difficulty faced during the sexual act(desire, arousal, orgasm or resolution) comes under a sexual problem. Common sexual problems include:

  1. Premature Ejaculation
  2. Erectile Dysfunction

These problems often scare people and some of the most common questions regarding treating them are- How should I be diagnosed whether I have Premature Ejaculation or not? What are the treatments?
What are the types of treatment involved?
Is Premature Ejaculation treatable?

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AMI was formed 20+ years ago with the objective of treating Men's Sexual Health problems. Doctors at AMI diagnose PE based on a detailed interview about your sexual history.