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10 Tips to Improve Men’s Sexual Health

Discussions around men’s sexual health are often focused on sexual crises. However, prevention is always a good approach, so where possible, men should take the initiative to keep their minds and bodies healthy. This goes a long way in maintaining their love lives and their libido. Here are a few steps a man can take to ensure he is in good sexual health.

1. Lots of fruits and vegetables

Urban legend suggests certain types of food are good for the sex drive. These include figs, watermelon, avocados, and bananas. In the animal world, oysters and octopus are thought to enhance virility. Whether or not these remedies work, they are high in protein and vitamins, which are good for your overall health.

2. Spend more time in bed

For obvious reasons, spending intimate time with your partner can boost your sex life. However, you should also get plenty of sleep. It keeps you healthy, lets your body rest and heal, and being close to your partner improves your relationship. Cuddling is good too.

3. Chocolate isn’t just for girls

Chocolate is a popular gift for lovers. It’s thought to have aphrodisiac effects, but it’s more of a placebo when it comes to getting in the mood. That said, chocolate lifts your spirits and encourages your body to release serotonin and phenylethylamine. It symbolises desire, so it’s never a bad thing.

4. Herbal treatments can work

The danger with herbal remedies is they’re not regulated, so the dosage isn’t easy to tabulate. That said, herbs to have benefits for your health. Ginkgo Biloba is a natural anti-depressant and can’t help with reduced libido. Garlic improves your blood flow, which helps you last longer in bed. Basil stimulates your senses, which improves your performance.

5. Work on your self-image

Your biggest sex organ isn’t your genitals. It’s your brain. Explore ways to feel good about yourself and to love your body. If you’re confident and self-assured, you become more attractive to your partner. You’re also less likely to sabotage yourself with negative thoughts.

6. Cut down your drinking

Alcohol is sometimes described as a social lubricant. A few sips might help you loosen up, or get the courage to talk to someone you like. But if you drink too much, your body will dehydrate, and that will affect your ability to perform. Loss of balance and motor skills can also lead to premature ejaculation, as well as limiting your orgasmic function.

7. Try breathing exercises

Meditation and mindfulness are good for your overall health. They reduce stress and give you a more relaxed perspective on everything, including sex. Breathing and meditation are also a key component of tantric sex so that they can be helpful for your bedroom skills.

8. Keep an eye on your relationship

Trouble in your relationship often leads to trouble in your bedroom. Keep communication lines open and deal with any issues before they escalate and explode. Intimacy and mutual respect are a big part of sex, so maintain a good rapport with your partner.

9. Chew some natural Viagra

We’ve already spoken about ginkgo biloba, but there’s a West African herb called Yohimbine which is sometimes described as ‘natural viagra’. It’s found in a certain evergreen tree bark, has an alkaloid nature, and is said to be an early ejaculation solution.

10. Call a doctor when you need to

If you have any kind of problem, get in touch with one of our doctors. We’ll be happy to do a consultation and run through your options. For more information on how to deal with erectile dysfunction, call or SMS us on 1800 10 10 90 for a consult.

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