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Sexual Anxiety

What is sexual anxiety?
Sexual anxiety is a condition we’re becoming more and more familiar with these days, and it affects plenty of men and women throughout Australia. Essentially, it is a fear of not performing well sexually, but it goes a little further than that. Sexual anxiety can also be a self-fulfilling prophecy, if you like, because the fear over your performance can manifest as a physical problem, such as difficulty maintaining an erection or premature ejaculation. It’s a vicious cycle, because this only fuels your anxiety in the future.

Causes of sexual anxiety
There are a number of things that can cause sexual anxiety, and almost all of them result in sex being far less enjoyable than it should be. Some common causes are:

• Fear of not satisfying your partner
• Lack of self-confidence or poor body-image
• Relationship problems
• Worry about ejaculating too soon or taking too long to climax
• Concerns about not being able to reach or enjoy an orgasm

When these concerns appear, your body releases stress hormones. These hormones narrow blood vessels, making it harder to get or maintain an erection. And the cycle starts again. Essentially, any type of stress or anxiety can affect your sexual performance.

Identifying sexual anxiety
One of the first steps of curing your sexual anxiety is, of course, to recognise it. Often, there are underlying factors you may need to address before you regain confidence in your sexual performance. At AMI, we help thousands of men with issues such as premature ejaculation, impotence and erectile dysfunction. Often, when these problems are treated, your sexual anxiety is gone too.

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Sexual anxiety and men’s sexual health problems can be embarrassing to talk about. That’s why it goes untreated in so many men. At AMI, we make it easy to get the help you need. With a free online assessment, we can connect you with Australian doctors specialising in men’s health. Consultations are completely free, and we also offer free, discreet delivery of any medications and treatment options prescribed by your doctor.

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