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Are Men Becoming More Comfortable with Talking About Erectile Dysfunction?

For many men, their sense of self is wrapped around their attitudes towards masculinity. A big part of that line of thinking is their ability in the bedroom. His competence in sexually satisfying his partner frames how he sees his role as a functioning male. That’s why men spend so much time, money, and resources trying to last longer in bed.

As men get older, their sense of maleness gets attacked on multiple fronts. They reach retirement age and have to leave their day jobs, which can affect their position as breadwinners. They might still have a pension to …

Do Men Suffer Premature Ejaculation in Their 40’s?

There are a lot of misconceptions abounding around the world to do with sex and sexuality. Think of things like abstinence being the only sexual health teaching that some children in the US receive. Or how about that man always have a higher sex drive than women? If you’ve ever had an overly excitable female partner, you’ll know that this simply isn’t true. Likewise, it’s not only men in their teens and 20s that can suffer from premature ejaculation (PE) – it can happen into your 40s, as well as beyond, too.

So, let’s put that particular myth to bed right …

Progressive Studies Show Men Are More at Ease with Erectile Dysfunction

Australians are generally considered more open than other nationalities. Our sense of humour is considered brash by some. We approach controversial issues in a jocular manner that is often branded ‘too soon.’ So it makes sense that our approach to premature ejaculation solutions would even outpace the United States.

In 1992 and 2006, the University of Chicago undertook some infamous studies on erectile dysfunction. The second study showed a marked rise in cases of ED, which some scientists blamed on lifestyle factors and changing habits among the elderly. In the latter American survey, just over 40% of men aged 65 to …

Erectile Dysfunction in Older Men is Resolvable

Premature ejaculation in older men isn’t a surprise. It’s more or less expected and is seen as a natural consequence of ageing. Part of the problem comes from less sex in general. Like all muscles, the penis can atrophy when it’s not frequently exercised. Between a general decline in energy and a matching sexual disinterest from older life partners, ED seems inevitable.

However, there are men in their 60s and even in their 80s who can gain and maintain erections without assistance. The Florey Adelaide Male Aging Study (FAMAS) continuously reviewed hundreds of elderly men between 2002 and 2011. The study …

The Cycle of Performance Anxiety

There is nothing unusual or uncommon with the occasional performance issue in the bedroom. It happens to the best of us, men and women. However, when it starts becoming more than just isolated incidents, this is when these issues can cross over into becoming real problems in our sex lives.

Performance anxiety is one such issue that can arise in the bedroom. In men, being concerned about sexual performance, outcomes, your partner, etc. can cause anxiety, which in turn can lead to issues. Often either trouble with ejaculation (either ejaculating too fast, or taking a long time to reach climax or …

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