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The science behind the closeness caused by great sex

premature ejaculation
The modern world tells us sex is nothing more than a meeting of mutually aroused bodies. Many of us view it that way, especially in casual dating scenarios. However, the art and science of arousal make it far more complicated.
But if you think about it, you don’t want to have sex with just anyone, because not everybody can arouse you. They have the tools to do it, but for some reason, those tools don’t work on you. Along the same vein, sex – even …

Sexual activity makes people, including quite old people, feel better

early ejaculation solution
Psychologist and philosopher Eric Fromm has a beautiful thought about love. He says, “Love isn’t something natural. Rather it requires discipline, concentration, patience, faith, and the overcoming of narcissism. It isn’t a feeling, it is a practice.” In some ways, this is true of sex. If we were to consistently ‘do what comes naturally’ as happens in many patriarchal societies, sex would only last a few seconds, and one partner feel unsatisfied with Lasting Sex. And yet in other circumstances, what comes naturally …

The Top 4 Life Stressors Today

last longer in bed
When the average man Googles ‘how to last longer in bed’ he probably expects advice on technique and tantricks. He is likely to scroll past anything that offers mundane tips on how to live a healthy, relaxed life. And yet stress has a proven link with poor bedroom performance. At the most basic level, it’s hard to focus on love-making when you’re worried, but at a more organic level, stress can lead to lifestyle diseases like high blood pressure, strokes, heart attacks, and others. These all …

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    Premature Ejaculation - The most important (usually the No.1) question related to sex, that every man ask is “how do I last longer in bed?

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