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How long is “Too Long” Without Sex?

longer lasting sex
We all wonder how much sex other people are having, worrying whether our own frequency is below par. Unfortunately, this focus on quantity over quantity deflects from whether we’re enjoying the sex itself, and what the reasons are for its (in)frequency.
Lately, statistics are showing that divorce rates are lower, but that marriage rates are lower too. This matters because urban legend claims married couples have less sex than singles. A 1990 study placed the average number of sexual encounters at 63 per year. Another …

Sex, Intimacy, and Friendship: Keys to a Healthy Romance

last longer in bed

We often use intimacy as a euphemism for sex, but it has its own definition. It can mean harmony, closeness, friendship, familiarity, trust, privacy, relaxation. For many people, those words – and the interactions they foster – are necessary before sex can happen. So before intensely researching how to last longer in bed, look into creating intimacy with your partner. It could benefit your sex life far more than tantra tutorials.

We’re generally living longer, and gender roles are shifting, so marriage and monogamy are no longer the norms. Instead, …

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