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Frequent Sex Might Have Cognitive Benefits

How sex makes us smarter

A lot of us will be happy to know sex makes us smarter. This intellectual enhancement was tested in very specific ways. Scientists performed studies that tested participants’ ability to remember listed words and number sequences. Most of these studies were done in older demographics because their natural decline in memory made a better assessment setting. It’s important to note that these participants did remember less as they aged, but they consistently outperformed peers with inactive sex lives.

As with many studies, tests were first performed on rats before …

How Our Brain Computes Attraction

Brain Computes Attraction

When it comes to our sex lives, we tend to focus on how much we’re getting rather than why we aren’t ‘winning over’ our partner(s). This applies both to established relationships and casual couplings. And both factors are affected by our sense of attraction. For this article, we’re going to focus on heterosexual pairings, simply because they’ve been studied more frequently. Dr. Daniel Conroy-Beam and Dr. David Buss developed a mathematical model based on Euclidian distance in an attempt to study attraction.

Their model puts together 23 factors of attraction and …

How to improve your sex life

longer lasting sex

Most people gauge other people’s sex lives in terms of frequency. They compare their own satisfaction against statistics like ‘married couples have sex three times a week’, then feel inadequate about their own numbers. Studies suggest all couples – married or not – have sex an average of once a week. The same statistic applies to single, unattached people. That said, ‘normal’ is relative. Some people have sex once a month, others barely have sex at all, and yet these people may still describe their sex lives as happy.

So the …

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