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Sex Helps Initiate Relationships With Potential Partners

Sex Helps Initiate Relationships With Potential Partners

We all agree our biological reproduction reflex at least partially drives the sex urge. It’s why women are generally (and often unconsciously) more open to casual sex while they’re ovulating. And the men around can – just as unconsciously – sense it. Many women will point out – if they stop to think about it – that they get hit on more frequently during ‘high season’.

Scientists have long wondered whether the ability to last longer in bed deepens emotional bonds, or whether the two develop independently. A …

What Makes You Feel Best About Sex?



Ben Ze’-ev writes about the difference between romantic intensity and romantic profundity. The former focuses on momentary passion. The latter is the warm, intimate, long-term affection you have for your partner – a different love than what you feel for friends and family. Both categories of romance are important for relationships, but the latter is a stronger indicator of happiness. The better you feel about your partner, the longer and healthier your relationship will be. And yes, sex, plays a role in this.

We generally assume orgasms …

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