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Common misconceptions about lasting longer in bed

longer lasting sex

Many men (and women) have the same assumption. We recognise that women take longer to reach orgasm than men do, so we assume that if a man can figure out how to last longer in bed, then he’ll be a better lover and his partner will be happier. However, while stamina does matter, it’s not the only aspect of sexual satisfaction. A lot more goes into it. Still, many early ejaculation solutions revolve around expanding the duration of your erection. Let’s look at some myths concerning the subject, and whether there’s any truth to them.

Lasting longer guarantees orgasm

While (lack of) duration is a large factor in sexual dissatisfaction, it’s not the only one. A woman has to be sufficiently aroused and stimulated to reach orgasm. Without that, her partner could keep going for hours and get nowhere. Worse, if she’s inadequately lubricated, she may experience pain, bruising, and tearing, which are sure to put her off sex in future. Rather than focusing on how long his erection lasts, he should put some thought into what he does with it, and how he can use the rest of his body – and hers – to please them both.

Penetration is the only path to satisfaction

In general, when people think about sex, they’re thinking about penis-vagina intercourse. That’s why there’s such an emphasis on lasting longer, and an equally strong stigma against premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction. However, there are lots of other ways to reach orgasm, such as oral, nipple, or digital stimulation. Even with penile penetration, timing can make all the difference. If a man can develop enough restraint and self-control, he can train himself to wait until his partner is on the verge of orgasm before he penetrates her. That way, she will orgasm in seconds, and his erection could last long enough to even give her an additional orgasm.

Longer erections are all about the penis

Multiple body organs are involved in achieving and maintaining an erection, and they all have to be engaged to resolve early ejaculation. The mind has to be relaxed and stress-free, and blood pressure has to be within healthy levels before attention is paid to the penis itself. Kegels can help a man pause his ejaculation or slow it down, but he has to get the timing just right. He can also use mental distraction to slow his ejaculation reflex, doing things like counting backwards or mentally reviewing landmarks. The start-stop technique is a popular choice, but if his partner doesn’t like it, it could heighten her frustration even more. It’s important to work through treatments and solutions together.

Aphrodisiacs improve performance

Around the world, foods like nuts, shellfish, watermelons, and chocolate are all thought to improve bedroom performance. A lot of it is placebo, in the sense that we’ve heard about oysters so often that it may enhance arousal and extend erections simply because we expect it to. On the other hand, erections are caused by blood rushing into the blood vessels of the penis, causing it to engorge and stiffen. Therefore, any food that dilates blood vessels and improves blood flow would theoretically make it easy to achieve and maintain erection.

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