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The Cycle of Performance Anxiety

There is nothing unusual or uncommon with the occasional performance issue in the bedroom. It happens to the best of us, men and women. However, when it starts becoming more than just isolated incidents, this is when these issues can cross over into becoming real problems in our sex lives.

Performance anxiety is one such issue that can arise in the bedroom. In men, being concerned about sexual performance, outcomes, your partner, etc. can cause anxiety, which in turn can lead to issues. Often either trouble with ejaculation (either ejaculating too fast, or taking a long time to reach climax or not at all), or being not able to obtain or maintain an erection.

If anxious thinking has this effect one time, then creeps back next time – because you don’t want a repeat (non)performance, it can easily start happening again and again, building a cycle. Before you know it, the same thoughts are happening each time, and you can’t escape.

Whether these thoughts are part of some bigger picture – maybe you’re stressed at work, maybe a partner insulted your sexual prowess, or perhaps you’re concerned that you will never live up to what you see in the movies – or whether they’re mainly unexplained, they do need addressing.

This type of cycle can be very upsetting and lead to misuse of alcohol or other substances, aversion to sexual activities (which could upset a partner), or the use of aids like porn to try and help.

However, the best way to help out here is through activities described by the help of a professional. Cognitive therapy with a trained professional who is experienced in helping people with sexual performance anxiety issues will give you tools that will help you to break out of the vicious cycle that has formed – and it is breakable.

There are other techniques and things that you can try yourself at home too, such as meditation, which helps to clear the mind. If you are having problems getting and maintaining an erection, there are certain medications which can be taken and which can be used in combination with other therapies.

Break the performance anxiety cycle and get back on track in the bedroom.

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