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Ejaculation Control – Tips and Techniques

Oral Strip for ED TreatmentOral Strip for ED Treatment Traditional Methods to minimise premature ejaculation timing. This does not work for every one, or until you can master it.

Squeeze technique: When the man feels a state of excitement where he may ejaculate, his partner gives the head of his penis a short sharp squeeze to prevent ejaculation from occurring. Do not attempt this once the ejaculation has started.

Stop-and-start technique: Just before the man is about to ejaculate, he and his partner stop moving and the man tries to relax and control his ejaculation. Pausing at this time gives the man a better sense of how he feels just before ejaculation. Eventually, this helps him condition his response to sexual stimulation so that he can last longer.

Men have advised, the man to masturbate an hour or two before intercourse which helps delay ejaculation during intercourse. This does not carry universal acceptance but worked for many people in getting some control.

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