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Mens Sexual Health

A man’s sexual health isn’t just about ensuring that no infections are present. It’s about many things: sexual function, and the role of both the brain and the body in keeping sexual function in a normal, healthy state.

Normal sexual function means being able to satisfy both yourself and your partner, although there may also be issues on your partner’s side too. Discussing things with your partner is key to determining what, if any, changes need to be made in the bedroom. Men experiencing sexual function and behaviour issues outside this normal range may be dealing with issues either related to their psychological state or ideas around sex, or it may have an underlying physiological cause, such as diabetes or medication use.

An experienced doctor can help to identify any issues, their causes, and a course of action to help treat the problem.


Q: Can stress cause sexual problems?

A: Stress, along with other psychological incidences, such as depression or anxiety may cause temporary or extended sexual problems.

Q: How normal are sexual problems?

A: Most people have sexual problems at least a few times in their lives. If you are having ongoing sexual problems, then it’s best to seek medical help.

Q: Do men have more sexual problems than women?

A: It is not known for certain. However, it is more common for men to seek help for sexual issues.

Q: Do sexual problems get worse as you get older?

A: Age may be an issue when it comes to sexual health – as your health declines as you get older. Staying in shape and asking your doctor for assistance in the matter can help to mitigate this in many cases.


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AMI was formed 20+ years ago with the objective of treating Men's Sexual Health problems. Doctors at AMI diagnose PE based on a detailed interview about your sexual history.