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How Sex Helps You Live Longer

last longer in bed

It’s hard to go against science, especially after studies have proven – definitively – that people who enjoy good, regular sex live longer, happier, more fulfilled lives. Sex improves mood and self-esteem, as well as general well-being. By the same token, problems like premature ejaculation can enhance stress levels, and that’s not good for your health. One of the first benefits of a healthy sex life is ‘sexercise’.
Depending on which source you ask (and given the fact that sex is relative), men burn roughly 4 calories a minute while women burn 3 calories. Of course, this entirely depends on the kind of sex you’re having. The assumption is the calories are consumed during actual intercourse rather than foreplay, although some forms of pre-game action can be quite vigorous. Either way, you can improve your caloric burn if you last longer in bed. It’s also proven to reduce your risk of stroke, heart attacks, and heart disease.
Improved immunity
When you have sex with someone, and they have a cold, you’ll catch it. But Carl Charnetski of Wilkes University found that if you have sex twice a week as a habit, your IgA (immunoglobin) levels will rise, and that gives you increased resistance to the common cold. It also regulates your hormone levels, which explains why we get moody during dry spells. For women, this hormonal regulation can reduce menstrual discomfort and symptoms of menopause.
Also, while headaches are a stereotypical reason to refuse sex, sex is a good pain reliever. Orgasmic sex releases oxytocin and a study at Bulletin of Experimental Biology and Medicine gave subjects a whiff of oxytocin followed by a pin-prick. Their self-reported pain levels reduced by half. Sex helps with period pain as well, though it can be hard for your partner to feel sexual when her insides are exploding. Another sex hormone – prolactin – improves scent detection, which explains the role of pheromones and perfume in seduction.
Overall relaxation
Oxytocin is a bit of an intrinsic wonder drug. It counters cortisol – the stress hormone – 1making sex a great way to decompress after a hard day, and to lower your stress levels in general. Of course, this applies to healthy, enjoyable sex life  because sex itself can be a cause of stress when things aren’t working as they should. Also, oxytocin is released at the point of orgasm, so for all its properties to be enjoyed, the sex needs to be pleasurable and climactic for both partners. Oxytocin lowers blood pressure, calms nerves, and induces sleep. This makes sex a fun and effective remedy for insomnia.
Still, on the medical front, Australian researchers recommend male ejaculation at least once a day as a deterrent to prostate cancer. The National Cancer Institute confirmed Their results from a 2003 study. The Director of Sexual Medicine at Alvarado Hospital, Dr. Irwin Goldstein, touts the benefits of sexual healing for women too. Vaginal intercourse reduces the risk of breast cancer and pre-eclampsia. Also, pelvic thrusting (as experienced in sex and Kegels) lowers incontinence and boosts bladder control.
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