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It is Time to Change Our Culture of Shame

Sexual Health

Forbidden Words: Sexual Health, this is the title of a recent post in Psychology Today, written by Joe Kort who holds a Ph.D. in clinical sexology. It’s a jarring article that was penned in response to what happened to Joe when he innocuously listed his business, ‘The Center for Relationship and Sexual Health improvement‘, in the building directory of his new premises in Huntington Woods, Michigan.

In short, Kort received a phone call from building management concerned about the ‘Sexual Health’ wording – because it might lead people to believe that sex offender was sometimes in the building.

Now, that might seem like a large leap of associations – the term ‘Sexual Health’ is generally associated with physical, sexual health such as STI screening or erectile issues – however, this building manager representative did make this link.

Now, it could be the case that sex may well be a more taboo topic to our friends in the US. Only 18 of 52 states require mandated education about even contraception, and only 13 states require sex education to be medically correct. In Australia, our system isn’t perfect, however, it’s far more comprehensive (at least in public schools, and the majority of Catholic and independent schools) down under.

However, that’s not to say that we don’t have this culture of fear, secrecy, and shame surrounding sex.

Sexual liberty and sexual freedom were ‘unlocked’ in the 1960s. However, it has never gained mainstream acceptance.

We believe that it’s time that our attitudes towards sex really change. It’s not something to be embarrassed or ashamed about. It’s something to be celebrated and talked about. Sex and sexuality can be one of the most rewarding journeys of our lives – if we let it.

We encourage everyone to think about their attitudes towards sex. If you are feeling shame or judgment towards someone else, then stop to think why.

If you have a sexual issue that you feel shame about, such as premature ejaculation, think about talking to your partner, or talking to your friends about it. Stop the self-shame spiral. Or, if that seems a little too bold – we’re always here. Call AMI to have a chat about it.

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