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Sex Helps Initiate Relationships With Potential Partners

Sex Helps Initiate Relationships With Potential Partners

We all agree our biological reproduction reflex at least partially drives the sex urge. It’s why women are generally (and often unconsciously) more open to casual sex while they’re ovulating. And the men around can – just as unconsciously – sense it. Many women will point out – if they stop to think about it – that they get hit on more frequently during ‘high season’.

Scientists have long wondered whether the ability to last longer in bed deepens emotional bonds, or whether the two develop independently. A …

What Makes You Feel Best About Sex?



Ben Ze’-ev writes about the difference between romantic intensity and romantic profundity. The former focuses on momentary passion. The latter is the warm, intimate, long-term affection you have for your partner – a different love than what you feel for friends and family. Both categories of romance are important for relationships, but the latter is a stronger indicator of happiness. The better you feel about your partner, the longer and healthier your relationship will be. And yes, sex, plays a role in this.

We generally assume orgasms …

Frequent Sex Might Have Cognitive Benefits

How sex makes us smarter

A lot of us will be happy to know sex makes us smarter. This intellectual enhancement was tested in very specific ways. Scientists performed studies that tested participants’ ability to remember listed words and number sequences. Most of these studies were done in older demographics because their natural decline in memory made a better assessment setting. It’s important to note that these participants did remember less as they aged, but they consistently outperformed peers with inactive sex lives.

As with many studies, tests were first performed on rats before …

How Our Brain Computes Attraction

Brain Computes Attraction

When it comes to our sex lives, we tend to focus on how much we’re getting rather than why we aren’t ‘winning over’ our partner(s). This applies both to established relationships and casual couplings. And both factors are affected by our sense of attraction. For this article, we’re going to focus on heterosexual pairings, simply because they’ve been studied more frequently. Dr. Daniel Conroy-Beam and Dr. David Buss developed a mathematical model based on Euclidian distance in an attempt to study attraction.

Their model puts together 23 factors of attraction and …

How to improve your sex life

longer lasting sex

Most people gauge other people’s sex lives in terms of frequency. They compare their own satisfaction against statistics like ‘married couples have sex three times a week’, then feel inadequate about their own numbers. Studies suggest all couples – married or not – have sex an average of once a week. The same statistic applies to single, unattached people. That said, ‘normal’ is relative. Some people have sex once a month, others barely have sex at all, and yet these people may still describe their sex lives as happy.

So the …

How long is “Too Long” Without Sex?

longer lasting sex
We all wonder how much sex other people are having, worrying whether our own frequency is below par. Unfortunately, this focus on quantity over quantity deflects from whether we’re enjoying the sex itself, and what the reasons are for its (in)frequency.
Lately, statistics are showing that divorce rates are lower, but that marriage rates are lower too. This matters because urban legend claims married couples have less sex than singles. A 1990 study placed the average number of sexual encounters at 63 per year. Another …

Sex, Intimacy, and Friendship: Keys to a Healthy Romance

last longer in bed

We often use intimacy as a euphemism for sex, but it has its own definition. It can mean harmony, closeness, friendship, familiarity, trust, privacy, relaxation. For many people, those words – and the interactions they foster – are necessary before sex can happen. So before intensely researching how to last longer in bed, look into creating intimacy with your partner. It could benefit your sex life far more than tantra tutorials.

We’re generally living longer, and gender roles are shifting, so marriage and monogamy are no longer the norms. Instead, …

Effective Self-Help for Women with Zero or Low Sexual Desire

oral strip technology
For the average man, his biggest sexual challenge is finding an early ejaculation solution. For a woman, the problem is getting interested in sex in the first place. This is confirmed by sexuality researcher Rosemary Basson, Ph.D.She heads the Sexual Medicine Programme at the University of British Columbia.
Fortunately, self-help books make a difference, and women are generally more receptive to them than men. It has to be the right book though, and Laurie B. Mintz’s A Tired Woman’s Guide to Passionate Sex (2009) …

Human Sexuality

last longer sex
Language is a powerful tool, and how we use it not only expresses deep-seated attitudes, but also influences the behaviour of others. The term sexuality, for example, has a lot of weight behind it. And none of that weight has anything to do with the word’s meaning. We use it as a blanket term for sexual orientation, libido, gender, and many other tangential terms. These words are in no way synonymous, so let’s start by differentiating them.

Sex (noun) – visible characteristics (especially of genitals) …

How Sex Helps You Live Longer

last longer in bed
It’s hard to go against science, especially after studies have proven – definitively – that people who enjoy good, regular sex live longer, happier, more fulfilled lives. Sex improves mood and self-esteem, as well as general well-being. By the same token, problems like premature ejaculation can enhance stress levels, and that’s not good for your health. One of the first benefits of a healthy sex life is ‘sexercise’.
Depending on which source you ask (and given the fact that sex is relative), men burn roughly 4 …

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