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How Common is Erectile Dysfunction (ED)?

How Common is Erectile Dysfunction


One of the most common sexual health issues that we hear about from men and their partners is erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction, or ED, can come in different shapes and forms. For the most part, it’s about being unable to get an erection, or keep one, throughout sexual activity – and it can happen to all men, at all sorts of different times.


How many men suffer from erectile dysfunction?

Most men will have episodes of erectile dysfunction at least a few times throughout their lives. The only problem with erectile dysfunction is if it is sustained and ongoing. If you only have performance issues on the odd occasion, then it’s generally not too much to worry about. Often it’s because of over indulging in too many alcoholic drinks, or from stress or anxiety.

If your erectile dysfunction is getting worse over time, or has come about recently and is persistent, then it may be an issue to look at more closely.


What are the causes of erectile dysfunction?

Often the cause of erectile dysfunction is related to blood flow to the penis. This can be from physical causes or diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, obesity and other conditions that can affect blood flow. Successfully treating these conditions can often be the first step towards treating erectile dysfunction, and an accurate diagnosis in the first place is extremely important.

The other cause of erectile dysfunction is psychological issues. These may be from anxiety, stress, concerns about sexual performance, or other more convoluted issues. If these are the underlying cause of erectile dysfunction, then counselling can be a great start in helping to treat the problem.


What can I do about erectile dysfunction?

The first thing you need to do for erectile dysfunction treatment is to determine the cause of the ED. Once this has been established, it is easier to start to develop a plan for treatment. Treatment can consist of many different approaches and therapies, depending on the cause. These therapies may involve counselling, medicines, topical treatments, injections into the penis, use of penis pumps, and oral strips.

Depending on your circumstances and the cause of your ED, your doctor may prescribe some combination of these therapies to help in your quest to last longer in bed.

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