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False Perceptions Around Premature Ejaculation

Premature Ejaculation (PE) is a sensitive topic, both in the literal and metaphorical sense. Literally, PE can be caused by an over-sensitive penis. Men who experience this are easily stimulated, so they frequently ejaculate before their partner is sated, which can be frustrating for everyone involved.

Metaphorically, Premature Ejaculation often influences a man’s sense of masculinity. This makes it a difficult issue to talk about, which makes it harder to resolve. The fact that most men are unable to talk openly about Premature Ejaculation means they routinely get information from dubious sources.

The most common misconception about PE is that it’s a man’s fault. This isn’t true, because there are many factors that can cause it, and he has little control over them. PE can be behavioural, biological, psychological, or medical, and none of these is a man’s fault.

Another false perception is that a man can’t correct Premature Ejaculation. This compounds his problem because he can’t talk about it and he has no reliable way to prevent it from happening again. When PE is behavioural, it can be amended with patience and communication.

Many men acquire PE during their teens. They often masturbated quickly to avoid getting caught. As a result, their penises learnt to orgasm as fast as possible. A man with this problem can train himself to delay ejaculation using manual methods.

These early ejaculation solutions can be frustrating for both partners because they require a man to pause during moments of intense passion. The first method is stop-and-start. When a man feels his orgasm approaching, he should stop moving and try to stay as still as possible for about 30 seconds.

The idea is to freeze the source of stimulation until the orgasmic impulse passes. He should stop thrusting, and his partner can help him by staying still as well since any movement the partner makes might increase the man’s stimulation levels.

Once his ejaculatory pressure has eased, he can resume intercourse. The second method uses the same principle, but instead of stopping his movements, he can pull out, and he or his partner can gently squeeze the region between his glans and shaft for 30 seconds.

Both these methods need immense patience, understanding, and communication from both partners. To ease the process for them both, they can focus on other erogenous zones during this interlude, so that the sensual mood doesn’t completely dissolve.

If a man is uneasy about practising those techniques with his partner, he can begin on his own when he masturbates. There’s a misconception that masturbation causes PE, and it can if it’s routinely rushed. However, masturbation can also help reduce incidences of PE.

On the other hand, is PE is biological, it may need alternate forms of early ejaculation treatment. If the cause is penile sensitivity, a man can use thicker condoms or gels and creams to make his penis less sensitive to stimulation.

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