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Frequently asked questions about sexual health

early ejaculation solution

Every man has questions on how he can last longer in bed. Unfortunately, he probably stopped asking these questions as a teenager, and even then, the answers he received were from boys who were as brash and inexperienced as he was. They all wanted to seem like a ‘man about town’ while they all shared the same hidden insecurities.

The nature of ‘locker room talk’ among the boys meant the answers they got were often inaccurate and did more harm than good to their relationships with women. As adults, many men still hold those erroneous opinions, and they may have no reliable place to get their facts straight. Here are some common sex questions – and the correct responses.

1.    Is it better to be circumcised?

In some parts of the world, circumcision is a cultural rite and is more related to ‘coming of age’ or religious practice than it is to lasting sex performance. Cultural circumcisions are often done at puberty so that the boy understands its significance. In the west, circumcision happens soon after birth, usually within the first week of life. Women who prefer circumcised partners principally do so for ingrained cultural reasons. They were simply raised that way.

However, from a biological perspective, the vagina responds to girth rather than length or the presence/absence of foreskin. It has also been said that circumcision prevents certain diseases. There’s no scientific evidence of this, though circumcision does make it easier to keep the tip of the penis clean. It’s your hygiene that really matters, so if you aren’t circumcised, remember to pull back your skin and clean inside the folds when you shower.

2.    Is Vaseline a good lubricant?

Some men believe lubricant is an early ejaculation solution because it makes the whole process faster and easier, so it may help his partner orgasms before his erection fades. Lubricants can be helpful, but you need to find the right one. With a latex condom, Vaseline increases the chances of tears, so ensure that your lube is water-based.

KY Jelly is much better if you’re using condoms. If you and your partner are exclusive and don’t use condoms, you can try natural, edible lubricants like coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil, or even cannabinoid oil. The latter can be particularly interesting because its base herb is known to have aphrodisiac properties.

3.    Can a woman get pregnant using coitus interruptus?

There are lots of interesting myths about pregnancy. You were probably told as a teen that a woman wouldn’t get pregnant if she’s standing up, breastfeeding, on her period, or if you ‘withdraw’ before your orgasm. The first is ridiculous. The middle two are possible, because they are hormonal processes, and hormones are tricky, unpredictable things.

Breastfeeding partially delays ovulation but doesn’t prevent it. And women with short menstrual cycles and long duration of bleeding (for example, a 21-day cycle with 7 days of bleeding) can become fertile before they finish their period. As for withdrawal, even if a man exits early, his pre-ejaculate may have viable sperm. Plus, if his partner is ovulating, her body is more receptive to implantation, so the slightest trace of semen can get her pregnant. If you don’t want to have a baby, it’s best to use multiple methods of protection.

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