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Nutrients that may assist erectile dysfunction

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You are what you eat, and while organic aphrodisiacs don’t necessarily help you last longer in bed, nutrition does play a role in your performance.  Often, erectile dysfunction is all in your head, but those mental pre-occupations certainly have the power to affect your libido. At the physical level, erection challenges occur when there’s interference in blood flow to your penis. For this reason, anything that improves circulation could help.

Similarly, foods that can help you relax and improve your mood are useful, because they mellow you out and take the pressure off. This doesn’t mean you should use drugs and alcohol as an early ejaculation solution, but there are certain foods that are known to stimulate feel-good hormones without breaking the law or impairing your thinking.


Yes, it pays to eat your vegetables. Celery, spinach, and green leafy vegetables have a high concentration of nitrates. These nitrates relax your blood vessels and open them wider, which means more blood is flowing through them at any one time. While some people prefer their greens in the form of smoothies, eating them whole and lightly cooked has one additional advantage. Whole leafy greens have a high fibre content that is lost when you blend them.


Edible fibre improves digestion by physically pushing the toxins through your body. They also give you a full feeling, which means you’ll eat less food overall, store less fat, and therefore have less of it clogging your other arteries and blood vessels. Your metabolism will improve and your heart will pump more efficiently, all the way to your penis.

Dark chocolate

It’s not as sweet as milk chocolate, but it has a higher concentration of flavonoids. These are natural anti-oxidants, and when they’re found in plants, they’re known to repair damaged cells and eliminate toxic substances. Anti-oxidants lower blood pressure and cut down cholesterol, which is all good for blood flow in general. Plus, chocolate is a lot more fun to eat than potent beet juice and bitter herbs. You can share it with your partner too!


This is probably not a surprise since nuts have often been touted as an aphrodisiac. They’re full of good fats and healthy oils and go well with beer. Pistachios are particularly helpful in easing erectile issues. They’re also said to enhance desire and boost sexual satisfaction as a whole. Pistachios are rich in arginine, a protein that is thought to improve blood circulation by keeping your blood vessels relaxed and supple.


The thing that makes oysters good for sexual health is zinc. Zinc is crucial in the production of testosterone, so raising your levels can be a helpful tool. Although studies have shown that testosterone in itself doesn’t turn a man into a sexual powerhouse, a deeply diminished level does have some effect, so a little natural boost doesn’t hurt. Other foods that are rich in zinc include crabs, lobsters, mushrooms, kale, garlic, and spinach. Don’t forget the breath mints.

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