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Do Men Suffer Premature Ejaculation in Their 40’s?

There are a lot of misconceptions abounding around the world to do with sex and sexuality. Think of things like abstinence being the only sexual health teaching that some children in the US receive. Or how about that man always have a higher sex drive than women? If you’ve ever had an overly excitable female partner, you’ll know that this simply isn’t true. Likewise, it’s not only men in their teens and 20s that can suffer from premature ejaculation (PE) – it can happen into your 40s, as well as beyond, too.

So, let’s put that particular myth to bed right now. If you are a man in your 40s that’s ejaculating before you (and/or your partner) are ready and satisfied with intercourse, it’s completely normal. Likewise, if you are concerned that your 40-something partner is having issues with this then rest assured that it’s not some freak-of-nature behaviour. While premature ejaculation is more common among younger men, it’s not to say that it can’t happen when you’re a bit older, too – even if it’s never happened before.

This is worth touching on. For some men in their 40s with premature ejaculation issues, this has been a lifelong problem. For these men, treatment may take longer or be more thorough. The PE is unlikely to “just go away” in this case without any treatment. For men encountered PE for the first time, or for the first time in a while, the condition may go away without active treatment, but it might not. Generally, it’s best to start a treatment plan as soon as possible so you can both have a wonderful sex life sooner.

One of the most common causes of onset of PE is having intercourse with a new partner. Being around a new partner may have you overly stimulated, or even nervous for quite some time. It is possible that this will go away once you start to be more comfortable around your partner as the “newness” wears off; however, it’s good to undergo some treatment to ensure you’re both having a good time early on, too. Other causes of onset PE can include anxiety, depression, or other mental conditions.

If you or your partner are suffering from PE and are hoping to last longer in bed, then it’s time to call the doctors at AMI for an assessment. We can even give an over the phone consultation.

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