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Progressive Studies Show Men Are More at Ease with Erectile Dysfunction

Australians are generally considered more open than other nationalities. Our sense of humour is considered brash by some. We approach controversial issues in a jocular manner that is often branded ‘too soon.’ So it makes sense that our approach to premature ejaculation solutions would even outpace the United States.

In 1992 and 2006, the University of Chicago undertook some infamous studies on erectile dysfunction. The second study showed a marked rise in cases of ED, which some scientists blamed on lifestyle factors and changing habits among the elderly. In the latter American survey, just over 40% of men aged 65 to 85 admitted erectile dysfunction.

Meanwhile, a 2002 study in Australia put the figure much higher. Of the hundreds of men studied in Australia, 61% admitted to challenges with early ejaculation. Does this mean Australians suffer ED more than Americans, or does it just suggest that they are more comfortable admitting it? Of course, there were a few other differences between the two studies.

The Australian study was called the Florey Adelaide Male Aging Study and covered broader ageing issues. It wasn’t strictly focused on bedroom performance. This probably meant the subjects were less on the defensive. They didn’t feel such an intense need to deflect questions about their perceived masculinity. There may have been a cultural component as well.

The Australian study – FAMAS – had a smaller focus group. They interviewed several hundred men, as opposed to the over 1,400 men studied in the US. In America, the first study happened before Viagra was approved, while the second came after FDA approval and widespread distribution of the little blue pill.

In Australia, the study began after Viagra was well-established in the market. It was a familiar form of medication that patients were comfortable discussing. Another critical factor was the length of the study. FAMAS began in 2002 and ran through 2011. Researchers interviewed the same men over and over, developing a rapport and building up trust.

Over time and repeated exposure, it’s likely that the subjects became more familiar and at ease with their researchers. They were more comfortable opening up and discussing sensitive issues. Older people tend to censor themselves a lot less, feeling they have earned the right and confidence to speak their minds. They got older and bolder as the study progressed.

This probably made them more forthcoming around taboo subjects. Incidentally, the older the men got, the more erectile dysfunction seemed ‘normal’, since it was expected at their age. This may have made it easier for them to admit. Also, these men had years of easy access to Viagra and similar drugs. This premature ejaculation treatment made things easier.

Thanks to ED medication, the matter became less of an embarrassment and more of a mild, temporary inconvenience. It’s much easier to share your problem when you feel it can be easily fixed. The easier it is to treat, the less the stigma, and the more comfortable men are in discussing the issue.

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