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At What Point is Ejaculation Termed ‘Premature’?

Most people think they know a few things about male sexual function. It’s a popular topic, and it’s one that is commonly discussed, both in social settings and medical ones. However, a lot of what passes as fact socially are unfounded myths. And because men are reluctant to discuss problematic matters, these myths continue to be spread and reinforced.

One of the most common myths involves penile length. Many men feel inadequate because they compare themselves to professional performers rather than ordinary people. On average, a penis is 7 to 10 centimetres long at rest, and 12 to 16 centimetres long while erect. Similarly interesting is that for most women, the point of greatest pleasure is 7 to 8 centimetres inside her vagina, which means the average man is long enough to stimulate her to orgasm.

Another common myth surrounds men that last longer in bed. When they socialise, men often brag about performing for hours and hours. Research tells a different story. After penetration, men last 6 minutes on average. Some men only hold an erection for about 6 seconds once active intercourse begins. A few outliers can last as long as 21 minutes, while trained professionals might maintain their erections for up to 53 minutes. Most men however, fall into the 4 to 11 minute bracket.

Where do the stories of marathon stamina originate? They may relate to the men who recover quickly after ejaculation, which implies that the hours they speak of are a result of multiple sessions of intercourse. Another factor is that time is frequently miscalculated during sexual intercourse, so many men believe they lasted longer than they did, while women may think they lasted less than their actual recorded time.

The most clear-cut case of premature ejaculation is when it happens before penetration. In all other instances, the prematurity is taken from the perspective of both partners. A man may consider his ejaculation premature if it happens within a few seconds of penetrating his partner. His partner may consider his ejaculation to be early if it happens before she has reached orgasm.

This can be another unsettled matter, because men generally reach orgasm after 2 to 10 minutes of intercourse, while a woman can climax in 30 seconds to 20 minutes, depending on the amount of stimulation she received during foreplay and a whole range of other factors. Early ejaculation solutions can be as simple as paying more attention to your partner. If you get her in the right setting and offer more clitoral stimulation, she may orgasm sooner, and your ejaculation will no longer be considered premature.

However, you may still be unsatisfied if you ejaculated before you wished to. There are many common techniques that can help you last longer, such as using condoms and breathing exercises. If you have tried different methods to prolong your performance and are still unsatisfied, consult our doctors at AMI. We offer initial convenient phone consultations for patients who are uneasy meeting us face to face. Get in touch with us today on 1800 10 10 90 for a free consultation with no obligation.


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