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Reasons Why Your Partner May Not Be Lasting Long in Bed

Premature ejaculation can and does happen to many men, if you are the partner of a man that isn’t lasting long in bed, then it can be disappointing. However, you must consider that not only may it be disappointing for you, but it may also be very disappointing for the man in your life too – there might be a lot of shame surrounding an ongoing problem.

If your partner is not lasting long in bed, if he is ejaculating within a couple of minutes, or cannot stop when you ask him to pull back, then this could be what’s known as premature ejaculation, and there can be a number of reasons why it keeps happening.


Reasons of Not Be Lasting Long in Bed

You are in a new relationship

Your partner and you have just gotten together, and you’ve only had a few sexual encounters, each one leaving you a little disappointed. What might be causing it? Possibly the new relationship. If your new man is over-excited to get you into the bedroom it can spell disaster for him. You may like to spend a little more time together in the bedroom taking things slower and getting him used to having you around (and in bed) more.

They are used to doing it in previous relationships

If a man has been in previous relationships where he is used to coming as fast as possible, there is the possibility that the habit has become ingrained. If it was from an ex-wife, where the kids were at risk of walking in, or perhaps just someone who told him, “to get it over and done with quickly”, these sort of patterns of behaviour can become deeply ingrained.

That is how they masturbate

Does he masturbate often? Do you know how long it takes him to climax? If he’s used to masturbation which is rushed then it might also translate into the bedroom. If he is following the same style of climax, then he will likely be prematurely ejaculating.

Health and physical complications

There are a variety of other reasons why your partner may be experiencing early ejaculation. Conditions like hormone levels, thyroid problems, nerve damage, and brain chemical imbalance may be other non-psychological factors to consider.


AMI helps couples from all over Australia in the quest to have more fulfilling and rewarding sex lives. We offer free consultations with our AMI doctors to help get to the bottom of sexual health issues and help to set you on the path to great sex without premature ejaculation complications.


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