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AMI’s Path Breaking R&D

Intelligent Medical Technologies Pty Limited (IMT) – AMI’s Path Breaking Research and Development

VMD owns Intelligent Medical Technologies Pty Limited (IMT). IMT has the exclusive worldwide right and other intellectual property in relation to certain ultrasonic nebulizer Technology including Australian Patent No’s 693064 and 753817, European Patent No’s 0 705 145 and 1 071 479 and US Patent No’s 5,908,158 and 6,379,616) within the field of the treatment of Sexual Dysfunction in men and women (including impotence, Premature Ejaculation and the treatment of Female Sexual arousal disorders) and the treatment of prostate diseases.

Some of these patents expire in October 2013, with the remaining patents expiring around 2023. IMT’s right is a broad based right which includes the right to manufacture, market, sell and distribute products based on the Technology and patents within the field of use.

IMT acquired its rights in order to develop an ultrasonic nebulizer to deliver medications to patients’ lungs for the treatment of Sexual Dysfunction as it believes that this Delivery system will be more efficient and clinically effective than any other alternative treatment option and will reduce dosage levels and the likelihood of side effects.

IMT has completed development of 15 working prototypes (alpha, beta and final prototypes) of its nebulizer. IMT applied for worldwide patents and designs relating to its ultrasonic nebuliser device in July 2005 and February 2006.

IMT has completed a pharmacokinetic clinical trial of a liquid form of a well known medication for the treatment of Erectile Dysfunction which is capable of being delivered through the device in order to formally prove the use of the device at a conceptual level and expects to announce the results of the trial shortly. The trial was conducted at the direction of and under analysis by Q-Pharm, the commercial arm of a leading Australian university.

IMT has compiled a team of experts to assist it with these research and development activities. AMI has entered into a distribution agreement with.

IMT whereby AMI has the exclusive worldwide distribution rights of the Technology for Sexual Dysfunction treatments. IMT owns any innovations developed by it as a result of its research and development in connection with its nebulizer device.

The flow rate of IMT’s device has been tested by its independent engineering consultants who have advised that the flow rate of the device is more than 1ml/minute, which is 3 to 5 times the published flow rate of similar leading devices.

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