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What to Expect Fom Relationship Counselling

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In many parts of the world, people are uneasy about seeking any form of counselling. It’s wrongly felt that seeing a therapist means you’re crazy, while others find it inappropriate to discuss ‘private matters’ in public. This seems even acuter when it comes to relationship problems, especially bedroom-related ones.

However, research has shown that premature ejaculation solutions are often psychological. As much as the problem is sometimes medical or biological, it’s often a social or personal issue arising from stress at work, or challenges in other areas of the relationship. Relationship counselling is a safe, effective way to identify and resolve things.

When a man wants to last longer in bed, the last thing he’d like to do is talk to a stranger about it. However, this ‘stranger’ is a trained professional who has helped hundreds of couples put the spark back in their relationship – and their bedroom. Relationship counselling is a form of talk-therapy that is especially helpful for men.

Talk about it

Women generally have no problem expressing themselves emotionally. Guys have a harder time with this because society teaches them to suppress their feelings, and the only acceptable ‘male’ emotions are anger and desire. This can make it even more difficult to talk about matters that make him feel like ‘less of a man’. That’s exactly why he needs the help.

A relationship counsellor goes beyond finding the root of the matter. They also help the man learn how to talk to his partner and find the language to express the problem. He may be aware that his performance isn’t what he prefers, but a counsellor can help him articulate the exact problem. Is he too tired for sex? Is he too anxious to get aroused? Did his partner do something that is blocking intimacy? These aren’t typically questions he would ask himself.

Sexual health therapy is a two-way street. The man is encouraged to bring his partner along, and they are taught how to communicate in a safe, non-judgemental way that finds solutions without blaming each other. This approach makes it easier to identify the real source of their sexual problems, opening up the path to a solution.

Aim to score

For relationship therapy to be effective, your therapist will help you to set goals and targets. They will be more expansive than merely extending your erection. They will dig deeper into the matter, discovering and unpacking underlying issues. You may be given homework and assignments that you should do together. They’ll help you bond.

These take-home tasks may include physical exercises and techniques, but they are also likely to involve non-sexual activities you can do as a couple. If your relationship outside the bedroom improves, then your sex life is likely to follow. Also, you don’t have to stick with the first counsellor that you meet. Try a few different options to see the one you both gel with. After all, you need to like and trust your counsellor if you intend to open up.

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