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What Do Women Know About Erectile Dysfunction?

erectile dysfunction

A lot of women know how often they orgasm and may also know how to control the length and intensity of their orgasms, even if their partners don’t. However, women may have few ideas about how to last longer in bed as a couple. They may be aware for example, that they’d like their partner’s stamina to increase, but they don’t know how to help.

Many times, they’re not even sure how to broach the subject without upsetting their partners

The first thing a woman can do is find out as much as she can about erectile problems. She can read up on her own, explore the issue online, or consult a doctor for advice. Her research should be general at first, not necessarily aimed at her partner. Once she’s more familiar with the problem, then she can gear him towards early ejaculation solutions.

The most common cause of ED is a psychological difficulty. It can take many forms, and some of them are long-standing issues. For many men, ED stems from masturbatory habits in their teens. They often did it in a rush, so their motor memory may lead to a long-term unconscious habit of ejaculating too soon.

In such cases, the man will have to actively train himself to extend his erection so that both he and his partner can enjoy their time together and achieve mutual satisfaction. Other reasons for their erectile matters may be more closely linked to their relationship.

The biggest sex organ in the body is the brain. If her partner is uncomfortable with other parts of their relationship, it may translate into poor bedroom performance. The best way to deal with it is to improve communication. She’d have to talk it over and find the source of the problem so that they can resolve it.

Other times, the issue may arise from stress, depression, or anxiety unrelated to his partner. He may be having a hard time at work, or be dealing with his issues. As his partner, she will want to help in any way she can. Finding the source of the stress is a good first step, even though she may be unable to solve it.

Erectile dysfunction challenges sometimes occur as a side effect of a medication. He may be receiving treatment for a separate ailment, and it may result in bedroom problems. She should look through his medications, checking contra-indications and calling the doctor if necessary.

The doctor might switch to a prescription with more manageable side effects, or he could get a second dose that counteracts the negative effects of the first medicine. On the other hand, the cause may be something medical that hasn’t been diagnosed yet. Either way, talking openly is the best way to resolve erectile matters.

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