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Talking About Your Sexual Issues can Bring You And Your Partner Closer

Why and when do we discuss bedroom matters? For many of us, we discuss sex with our peers in conversations that are light and playful, but we are sharing information. And more than that, they’re a form of bonding.

If learning how to please a boyfriend or husband, or discovering a woman’s pleasure spots can bring you closer to your peers, imagine how much more intimacy it can foster between you and your partner. Unfortunately, many sexual partners will talk about sex with everyone except each other. And yet that partner is the one most involved and affected by your sexual preferences and any issues that may exist.

Bedroom matters span a wide gamut, from sexual likes and dislikes to premature ejaculation treatments. These issues can be caused by physical, mental, or emotional triggers, and talking it over with your partner can help resolve the problem, as well as building trust between you. Trust fosters intimacy, which leads to better sex.

When you’re experiencing challenges that are affecting you and your partner in bed, the first thing you should do is talk about it. If one of you has lost interest in intercourse, it may be a personal matter like stress, grief, or hormones. It may also be that one partner has done something that led to diminished desire. Talking things through will identify the problem.

For many women, emotional intimacy is closely linked to their libido. Safe, honest conversation is the main way women achieve this kind of closeness, so her partner can vastly improve their sex life simply by sharing thoughts and feelings with her. It will also help the partner please her better, which enriches the experience for everyone involved.

As for men, it may be hard to discuss issues like uncontrolled ejaculation openly. He may feel inadequate, or that his masculinity has been compromised. Still, if he wants an early ejaculation solution, he will need help from his partner. There are different techniques that he can try to help him maintain his erection longer, like start-stop or squeezing.

Both these techniques are only accessible to implement if he can talk to his partner. Partners can consciously reduce stimulation when the man is nearing orgasm, and this will help him hold on longer. But his partner won’t know how close he is unless he says so. A female partner might maintain the mood using kegels to gently keep him aroused when he stops moving.

Steamy conversations can sometimes be awkward, especially in the middle of intercourse. If partners can create the right atmosphere outside their bedroom, it will help them in bed as well. If they are comfortable with each other and can have both sexual and non-sexual conversations throughout the day, then guiding each other in bed will feel more natural.

Talking to one another has the direct effect of improving a couple’s sex life. A couple can spot trouble areas and figure out how to resolve them. But having these crucial conversations also opens emotional and sensual channels in a relationship, and this makes sex even better.

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